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Love the baking 

Calories do not count on the weekend or on holiday, and every day is a holiday.

           At a young age, once my mom brought out the springform pans, I knew that we would be baking her favorite lemon cakes. This was the start of my most cherished mother-daughter moment. From then on I began baking cupcakes and making small desserts for my family for different occasions and holidays. This passion grew in high school, Ella's Enchanted Edible started and those who didn't know me called me the cupcake girl. 
        I renamed my brand in college to Cheatdaze in 2019 for a cute and clever approach. Cheatdaze goes for people that want to have a 'Cheat Day" for sweets, treats and all things unhealthy, an excuse to indulge. For a student like myself who is learning how to promote healthy eating with a balance, I know that everyone has a hard time keeping up with a strict diet. Next time you want to ignore your diet, come to Cheatdaze!
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